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ELLA HENDRIX HEDDEN Our sweet baby girl Ella earned her wings on July 4, 2010. A hidden heart problem took her from us way before her time. We adopted Ella from ERU and our connection with her was deep and immediate. Ella settled into our home very quickly and made herself queen of the estate. She followed her mommy everywhere. Every morning after daddy got up, Ella would sneak back upstairs and cuddle up next to her mommy. When she heard the food bag open, she would run down and eat her breakfast as quickly as possible and then would run back up to get a few last minute cuddles before her mommy went to work. Ella gave great kisses. (She traded kisses for scratches with her daddy.) She tried her best to keep squirrels off the bird feeder. She kept our UPS man on high alert. If you turned your head away for two seconds, she would eat french fries off your dinner plate. Ella loved baths (she liked to feel pretty) but she also could roll in the dirt with the best of them. She loved to prance through the neighborhood on our evening walks and greeted everyone with a sniff and a smile. When we came home from errands, she would stand on her hind legs and wrap her arms around us. She claimed much of the sofa, most of our bed and all of our hearts. Ella was special and she knew it. She loved life, loved being a dog and a daughter and she approached each moment with enthusiasm and curiosity. She was a sleek and gorgeous Eskie with movie star good looks and a personality to match. Ella was quite simply the most loving, affectionate and downright quirky creature we have ever known. It was a gift to know her and a privilege to be her mommy and daddy. We miss you and love you baby girl.

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