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Peabody came in to Eskie Rescuers after he was left at a house like old furniture when his first owner moved. Even after being abandoned by an owner he trusted, he never let it get him down. Peabody was a very friendly, happy, playful little eskie. He was always very friendly to everyone, whether you had two or four legs. He would get so excited when the leash came out, he would jump around in anticipation of a fun walk! Peabody was always very well-behaved and loved going outside to play. His family described him as having a kind soul and a very friendly personality. He was so happy to have found such a loving furever home and was truly grateful to have them. He enjoyed his furever home for the rest of his years and they enjoyed him just as much. This little sweetheart will be sorely missed by those who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Piper came to me 5 years ago, a shy, timid, little girl who had lost her puppyhood and youth to a backyard breeder. She was afraid of cars, people, sudden noises and loud voices. But she was the most loyal, sweetest adorable little cuddler who never left my side. Eventually she came out of her shell. She took a “tricks and skills” class and she learned how to fetch and jump through a hoop; she had to be taught to “find” food on the kitchen floor. I enrolled her in the K-9 Compassion course and she might have passed but she failed the “sudden loud noise” test. But that was OK…she loved her evening walks with me and the neighbors and the neighbor’s dogs. Everyone loved her. About one and a half years ago after her left leg seemed to be dragging, a veterinary visit preliminary diagnosed her with degenerative spinal deformity. The next 18 months were spent with various treatments, pills, vet visits, and massage therapy, but it was inevitable that this cruel fate would overtake her. She lost her ability to use her back legs and eventually her entire lower body was paralyzed. But she tried, so so hard, to be normal. She had to be picked up to be moved anywhere and then….. it was time to make the decision…….Rest in peace, you precious little sweetheart; you can run and jump and play now like all the other little doggies. I love you so much, wait for me, Mom

Princess was only with ERU for a few days. She was rescued from a shelter where she lost the most precious possession that she ever had, her owner. Once this happened, she lost her will to live and stopped eating and drinking. Upon taking her to the vet, it was discovered that she had an inoperable cancer which was causing her pain. But in her last few days she regained what she lost. A loving owner to see her to the rainbow bridge.

Prinze came into ERU after his previous owner passed away. He was a very sweet, quiet and laidback fella who got along quite well with other dogs. He was never aggressive or alpha, and if another dog growled at him, he would just ignore him and walk away! He loved to be petted, and loved to follow his foster mommy all around the house. He loved to go outside for leisurely strolls and would get so excited when he saw the leash coming out! :o) He had some arthritis in his joints towards the end and would feel a bit stiff in the mornings. He was a sweet, loving and friendly to the end but his body just gave out.

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Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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