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Billy of Kissimmee, FL's Sponsorship Page
Billy of Kissimmee, FL

***PLEASE NOTE:   This eskie is SPONSORSHIP ONLY.   Billy will not be made available for adoption due to his behavior.  Thank you for your understanding, and for your compassion toward the eskies in our long-term care.***


Billy sure looks like a sweet and loving Eskie, but don’t let his cute little face fool you!  He is a typical Eskie on steroids, and absolutely requires an Eskie-experienced owner.  Also one with patience and willing to give him plenty of time and quiet space to settle into his new forever home.   Billy has been a little traumatized by his experiences. 
Billy has been through a few homes that we know of.  His last owner bought him from another person for his mother as a gift, who had recently lost her Eskie.  She wasn’t ready for another dog and didn’t want Billy, so the son surrendered Billy to the local county shelter.  Billy had a melt down in the terrifying shelter, and was pulled to safety just in the nick of time by a local rescue, as he was being dragged down the hallway by his neck on a catch pole, to the euthanasia room.  Such is the sad reality for many shelter dogs.  Billy was very, very lucky.
Billy’s ideal home:
Eskie-experienced and preferably with a rescue 
Would have another dog.  Billy gets along well with other dogs.
He is ok with men and responds well to (and requires) strong leadership and direction.
Billy would likely do better in a quiet one or two person adult only home.  No children.
He should never be allowed on the furniture or on beds.  He’s very possessive.   He is also fairly easy to correct and stop from getting on the couch with a firm NO.
He is somewhat food motivated which is good, especially for training and redirecting his behavior.  He is very gentle taking treats.
He is ok to free feed. He doesn’t gorge himself.
He is perfectly house trained.  No accidents at all.  Stays behind a baby gate in the kitchen at night for up to 10 hours no problem. 
He’s good in a fenced yard and enjoys being outside.
He is a great companion dog.  He loves being with people, belly rubs and affection - it just may take a week or so before he is comfortable enough to accept it.
Billy is estimated to be between 4 and 6 years of age and he weighs about 28 pounds.  He is in very good health.  Billy is very sensitive to leashes being clipped on and off of his collar (the catch pole probably has something to do with that).  He likely would respond well to a harness where the leash clips on his back rather than around his neck.
Billy would love to have his very own, really truly forever home.  If you think you could offer this to this very sweet boy, please fill out an adoption application at:  If you have any further questions about Billy, please contact us at  Billy is being fostered in Kissimmee, FL.

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