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About Eskie Rescuers United

About ERU Updated

Our Work

The dogs we foster come from many places. Some are turned in by their owners who can no longer care for them. Other dogs are found as stray dogs, or for one reason or another they wind up in dog shelters. There are far too many dogs without homes in the U.S. and the majority of them have to be put to sleep due to overcrowded conditions in shelters. We work to save as many American Eskimo dogs that we can by rescuing them. We then foster the dogs in the volunteer’s homes, provide veterinary care, and put a profile for the dog on our website. We do not "sell" dogs. We find homes for dogs and adopt the dog to you. This means that you cannot just walk off the street and buy a dog from us. Learn more about the adoption process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help American Eskimo Dogs who are in need of rescue. Our goals are to:
  • Reduce the population of American Eskimo Dogs in shelters, humane societies, and in rescue.
  • Raise awareness about the problem of unwanted American Eskimo Dogs and prevent it by discouraging indiscriminate breeding.
  • Protect American Eskimo Dogs from abuse and cruelty.
  • Prohibit any American Eskimo Dog from being adopted or released for the purpose of research or experimental use.
  • Operate as a functional rescue organization that will take in and provide the proper shelter, veterinarian care, socialization, rehabilitation, and placement into caring and responsible homes.
  • Network with other rescue organizations (pure-breed and all-breed) to draw attention to American Eskimo Dogs in need of rescue when we are unable to take them into our rescue (due to resource constraints or other concerns).
  • Cooperate with local and state laws in every state with their activities related to the rescue and care of American Eskimo Dogs.


If a dog is adopted through our program, the dog's character, temperament, health and physical condition represented by our website and postings to external pet sites are in good faith. There are no warranties, representations, or promises flowing from Eskie Rescuers United, American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc to any potential owner. In all cases, by submitting your application, the new owner(s) agrees to release, hold harmless and forever discharge Eskie Rescuers United and any associated rescue organizations, its volunteers, members, donators, sponsors, transporters, and Board of Directors from any claims arising from the adoption of any dog. Dogs listed as "courtesy postings" are shown to assist other rescue or shelter organizations in locating suitable new homes for dogs in their program. They are not Eskie Rescuer United, American Eskimo Dog Rescue, Inc. dogs. Potential owners will be assuming any and all liability and responsibility for the dog. Submitting an application does not guarantee the placement of a dog in your home.