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Shadow of TN's Sponsorship Page
Shadow of TN


Shadow is a four year old Standard Eskie.  He weighs 20 pounds
UTD on shots.  HW Positive and being treated.
Shadow was found in west TN.  :Seems like someone just dumped him out.  Some very nice concerned people contacted ERU and he is now with his foster in East TN.  
Shadow is a sweet and gentle boy but has to be handled with kid gloves.  He needs to do things in his own time.  He CAN NOT be forced to do what you want him to do.  It will only set him back.  Be patient and he will come around.  He's a work in progress.
Adopting Shadow will take a lot of patience but once he trusts you he will want your full attention.  He gets along with other dogs.  He is playful and enjoys running in the yard with my dogs
A word of precaution:  A harness would be highly recommended    Not a collar... Until he gains your trust he can be a runner.  He does not like his paws touched and neither does he like you messing with his tail.  There again, he will come around in time
He is a sweetheart



Our sweet Shadow of TN was dumped of a country farm road in Western TN. Luckily he found his way to the farm owners home after befriending his dog. The owners tried for several weeks to find his owner without success. Thankfully with  the help of numbers ERU volunteers, Shadow is now residing at his foster home on eastern TN.

Shadow is in fairly good shape after all he has been through. He has a scratch on his one eye, is heartworm positive, and will need continual work on overcoming his timidness and confidence building.

Shadow will remain listed as sponsorship as long as need be. If you would like to sponsor Shadow, it would be greatly appreciated!

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