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Kiba of FL's Sponsorship Page
Kiba of FL

KIBA of Florida is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!  This wonderful little boy is looking for his forever home!

He's 5 years old, weighs 18 pounds,  and loves playing with other dogs.   H e's great with adults and older respectful kids (but no small children please.)  His foster parents say he's exceptional on car rides;  he has been running a few errands with them lately, and they say he's a joy to be with and take places.   Kiba's foster mom describes him as cute, fun, and energetic.  
Kiba is a "Special Needs" dog, due to having a slightly narrowed trachea and very mild luxating patellas. He doesn't know that he may need surgery at some point, he's way too busy enjoying life!  

If you're able to take on this special little boy, he's well worth it.  So full of love and spunk!


Meet Kiba of Central FL !

Kiba is a super cute little boy who came to us with a bit of an attitude. His behavior improved quickly though, and he's now a happy little camper! He loves playing with other dogs, and going for short trips in the car or golf cart. He's also great with adults and older respectful kids, but no small children please. Kiba's foster mom describes him as cute, fun, and energetic.

He's 5 years old, and weighs 18 pounds. He will be ready for adoption as soon as his vetting is completed



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