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Kotton of MS' Sponsorship Page
Kotton of MS

***Location:  Columbus, MS***

Hello, I'm Kotton.  Forgive me if I seem a bit down, but I consider Eyeore one my best friends.  My story is very sad.  My original owner passed away and I was found in the house with him.  The animal control people did what they could, but the only way they could get me away from owner was by using one of those catch-poles.  I went to a shelter and then to a family.  The family tried really, really, really hard to work with me, but I've been severely traumitized.  So I came into rescue. 

I am now living with a bunch of other dogs who are a lot like me- special.  So special that they're trying lots of things to help me.  And I'm told that kind of help needs something called money.  So while my foster mommy helps me, would you consider sponsoring my care?  I don't know when I'll be available for adoption, it could be a long time, so your donation can help off-set my bills. 


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