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6/18/2021 12:58 PM
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Sam Detail Title
Saving a dog from horrible conditions is rewarding but heart-wrenching work. We use words like, “he had a hard start in life but his future is bright now”. We have to -- rescuers and fosters simply couldn’t function if we had to dwell on the cruelty and sadness that we see. We wish we could use happy words like that to describe sweet Sam. We can 99% of the time when he is a total love-bug -- when he’s feeling safe. But then something happens – a loud noise, a strange shape or movement, a menacing shadow in the door in the middle of the night -- it reminds him of his former owner and Sam defends himself by barking, growling or charging toward the offending intruder. He doesn’t know they aren’t going to beat, kick or punch him senseless. He doesn’t know that he isn’t going to be screamed at and tossed outside in a raging blizzard with no food or shelter. He doesn’t know the person won’t use a metal chair to strike his teeth out of his mouth like his owner did. Why should he know any different? It’s what Sam has known all his life. As a puppy, he was beaten so severely that his spine was permanently twisted – his crime was that he chewed his owner’s sneakers. When he wasn’t being beaten, he was banished outside in the worst weather with no shelter. He never saw the inside of a vet’s office.
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Eleven years of neglect and abuse mercifully stopped when Sam’s owner dumped him at the shelter and asked them to euthanize him. The kind souls at the shelter saw something in Sam that told them he was deserving of a better fate – they had him cared for by the vet, who took care of his physical needs and injuries – he was neutered and given vaccinations. The doc removed the few remaining rotten teeth that weren’t knocked out by the beatings. The staff and volunteers loved Sam and spoiled him with loving care and attention and home cooked meals. He got to go outside, but with friendly, gentle company who would take him on long walks. Sam was safe. His golden years would be his best – he finally got the companionship and acceptance he’d longed for all his miserable life. He thrived on the attention and was quick to learn manners and commands. He loved being groomed and feeling the warmth of a loving touch. He liked to play with toys and treats and he let the staff take them away without any fuss at all. Sam enjoyed being with other pets too – cats and dogs!

Once he felt safe however, it became apparent that Sam still had fearful moments -- like when construction workers or people he wasn’t familiar with approached him. The shelter could not adopt him and contacted ERU, as they felt the people who knew the breed would be able to help him. We tried really hard, but Sam has over 11 years of violence to overcome and adopting him would not be best for Sam or his adopter. 99% of the time he is the perfect companion – it’s that 1% margin of fear that haunts us – when loving Sam becomes dangerous Sam. Like the time his foster dad got up in the middle of the night to use the facilities. In the darkness, Sam must have thought the clumsy movements were his former abuser when he charged at him. Or when strangers approached him at the shelter and he became scared and reactive. There are some shapes, shadows, movements and noises that remind him of the violent past and he automatically reacts in fear. Training and behavior modification and desensitization exercises can help, but Sam is a senior dog now and there is never a guarantee that he will ever truly overcome his past. So Sam’s friends in rescue need to find him a new and special home in a Dog Sanctuary where he can live out the rest of his natural life without fear of hurting anyone by mistake.

For all those dogs like Sam who we can't save -- let's work together and help Sam. Sam needs YOUR help. He needs sponsorship to provide for air transport, medications and additional expenses that he will incur while living his remaining years in a Sanctuary.

With your help, we can get him there. Please be Sam’s true best friend.
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Sam thanks everyone who sends help and prayers his way. Sponsors who donate $50 or more will receive a silver-plated rescue charm as a special thank you while supplies last.

UPDATE: Sam has shown significant improvement while in the tender loving care of an ERU foster home. Because of this, ERU has accepted an offer of sanctuary for Sam with an individual who is well acquainted with his history and can provide him with the one-on-one attention necessary to continue his rehabilitation. As Sam is still unadoptable and will continue to be such indefinitely, ERU will continue to be responsible for his health maintenence. The monies already accumulated in Sam's Fund will be used for his ongoing needs. ERU is grateful to all who have already donated. Any additional donations will continue to be, initially, earmarked for the ongoing care of Sam. And, donors can rest assured that, should ERU still have monies in Sam's Fund when they are no longer needed for his care, they will be put to good use in the care of other rescued Eskies.


ERU would like to thank the following donors for their contributions to our Sam's Fund. Your generous donations help offset the costs that Sam will incur while living his remaining years in a Sanctuary where he will, hopefully find the peace and love he deserves.
A B, Boise ID (In memory of Wylie, beloved Eskie of Joe A)
Alara P, Newark NY
Ana & Reginald V, Knightdale NC
Anne C, South Amboy NJ (In memory of my beloved Tasha)
Ashley S, Easton PA
BichHa N, Missouri City TX
Billie M, DeLand FL
Brian U, Columbus, OH
Caroline G, Madison WI
Cathy G, Lake Stevens WA
Chloe Angel (11 yo Eskie), Colorado Springs CO (sent by Jolyna K)
Chris B, Centennial CO
Chris D, Traverse City MI
Conover H, Hampton VA
Dawn M, Pottsville PA
Edmund D, Lake Worth FL
Elaine H, Annandale VA (In loving memory of my Eskie, Sleet)
Felicia S, Pittsboro NC
Francesca A, Freehold NJ
Francia P, Belle Glade FL
Heidi O, Randallstown MD
Jenny B, Pacifica CA
Jessica V, Waltham MA
Kandy F, Green River WY
Karon S, Copley OH
Kathi R, Hillsborough NJ
Kerri M, Grand Rapids MI
Kimberly K, Ingleside IL
Kimberly W, Palm Beach Gardens FL
Leslie S, Sylvania OH
Liesl F, Roseville CA
Lisa S, Montgomery Village MD
Lori & Roger M, Duluth MN
Lynn C, Godfrey IL
Maureen S, Buckingham PA
Mary H, Bartlett IL
Mary M, Tampa FL
Mikaleen H, Red Wing MN (In memory of Prancer, my beloved Eskie)
Milena P, Brossard QU Canada
Noni B, Randallstown MD
Pamela D, Germantown TN (In memory of Maggie - Josh, Pam, Bob & Pat)
Patricia H, Delta CO
Raina C, Rohnert Park CA
Rob B, Alexandria VA
Robyn D, Somerville MA
Roxanne G, Burnsville MN
Furbabies: Jack, rescued Eskie, Lucy & Tori,
     Port Saint Lucie FL (sent by Sharon M)
Shelley B, Cornwall ON Canada
Steve Z, Manalapan NJ
Veronica C-V, Shelton CT (Penny, Joy, Lyz & Amanda), Reinholds PA
List updated through end of August 18, 2008: If you have donated to our fund and do not see your name listed, please contact us at to let us know. Thank you!

Last Updated: 6/18/2021 12:58 PM
A Big Eskie Hug to You from "Sam The Man"!