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Last Updated:
6/18/2021 12:58 PM
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Bradley's Story
Told by Roxanne Goeltz
Bradley Wow!  Where am I?  Last thing I remember is strolling along and now I am in a cage with my ear all tore up.  It hurts so bad!  My eyes really bother me too and my skin feels like it is moving around under my fur!

Hey why am I complaining?  This place is warm and the people here are very nice.  I hear them talking about finding me as a stray and are not sure what happened to my ear.  I wish I could tell them but I do not know myself.  They are going to sew it up and hope my owner comes to claim me.  That I can tell them not to hold their breath for…no one wants an old man like me.

I have been at this shelter a long time now and not sure how much longer I can hold on…my skin is driving me crazy and I am ready to eat myself alive!  I do my best to hide my discomfort and be friendly to the people here so I don’t get taken to the room of no return.  I hear the others talk about it and that scares me!

Bradley It has been close to two months and I am thinking my time will end soon.  Then I hear one of the people say a wonderful rescue is going to take me.  It is called ERU and one of their volunteers will pick me up tomorrow!

Wow this is heaven!  I am playing with a bunch of other dogs and having a grand old time here.  I have forgotten all about my ear, skin and eyes!  Then I hear I am going to a foster in MD and two young men who are driving from there to pick up another dog will be here tomorrow!

Ok sitting in this car is making me realize my skin is crawling again….so what the heck I have to give in and try to bite it!  Now my tail and spots on my legs and tummy are bleeding!  Oh please don’t be mad at me I just cannot stand this crawling skin!

Bradley I arrive at my new foster home and she is so nice!  She is taking me to the doctor to see what is happening with me.

Well here is the prognosis.  I had mange and that is why my skin felt like it was crawling.  That is now cleared up.  The rest is not so easy.  I have cataracts and glaucoma in both eyes, completely blind in my right eye and a benign tumor on my left eyelid causing conjunctivitis.  The meds for my left eye are working but the vet recommends removal of the right eye and is recommending the tumor in the left eye be removed.

Of course all this is not cheap even with the 30% discount offered by the vet it will be about $1000!   Would you be willing to sponsor me or donate to the ERU medical fund to help with these expenses?

My name is Bradley and thank you ERU for saving me.
Last Updated: 6/18/2021 12:58 PM
Thank you for helping ERU save Bradley and More Like Him!!!