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6/18/2021 12:58 PM
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Bailey Boy's Story
Told by Roxanne Goeltz
Bailey Boy “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”, that is my motto!  Picked it up from the movie “NEMO”.  I love life and being in it.  I am 7 years old and was rescued by ERU 3.5 years ago from a shelter in Key West, FL.  I was adopted to what I thought was to be my furever home but all of a sudden found myself in a shelter again.

I don't understand why as I love kids, dogs, TOYS and just being alive!  I was limping though and the family took me to the vet and found my hip was out of the socket.  They wanted the vet to put me to sleep but they would not, telling the family to contact ERU.  Instead they dropped me at the shelter.  The shelter called ERU and my original foster family came and got me!  I love to run and play with TOYS even though my hips give out on me and I fall down sometimes...I just get back up and keep going.  It hurts but I do my best not to think about it and stay up beat and friendly.

Bailey Boy I know my up-beat attitude has saved me and ERU has done that for me twice now.  My teeth were in horrible shape and I have had those taken care of already...did not lose any of them thank goodness.  I also am a bit overweight which does not help my hip problem so my foster mom has me on a strict diet to try and get rid of a couple of pounds.  I don't mind...I am just so happy to be with a family that cares for me and a rescue that will try to help get my hips fixed.

They need to do a procedure called Femoral Head Ostectomy or F.H.O. and it can only be done on one hip at a time.  The right one would be first because it is out of the socket and causes a lot of pain...although I try really hard not to let on to that.  Estimates for each hip are around $1300.

Bailey Boy I hear another ERU rescue out in Colorado named Max needs the same surgery and I know we would both appreciate any donations you can send our way.

Doggies are not supposed to beg...but would you PLEASE send a couple dollars to the ERU medical fund so that both Max and I can get our hips taken care of?

My name is Bailey Boy and I want to be a Velcro dog in a real furever family.  Thank you ERU for saving me twice!
Last Updated: Mon, Jan 19 2009 03:24:39 PM
Thank you for helping ERU save Bailey Boy and More Like Him!!!