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Last Updated:
6/18/2021 12:58 PM
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Julia's Story
Told by Roxanne Goeltz
(as Julia, herself, might tell you)
Julia Oh … my … someone help me please! I cannot outrun this dog and he has it in for me … I think it was because I was trying to get some of the scraps of food he had found. Ohhhh … I just cannot run anymore … there are teeth and sharp pains as they sink into my body … someone please help me!

Where am I? Who is that coming at me? I am not going to let them bite me again, so I snarl and snap hoping to keep them at bay. The other dogs here tell me I should not act like that. They will say I am aggressive and I will never get adopted. My only hope will be a rescue. I just don’t care, I want the pain to stop and when they touch me it makes it worse.

There is a person coming towards me. I can see in her eyes she understands I am scared and I relax and give in to this woman. She takes me and is so gentle and I feel safe and know it will be alright.

Julia I go to the doctors where they examine me and find all those puncture wounds from the dog that attacked me. The shelter never took care of any of it … they had labeled me aggressive and would just send me to the room of no return when the allotted time had run out. Or at least that is what I heard my Eskie Angel say.

I was scheduled for a spay surgery and then off I went to my foster home. They had 5 other Eskies just like me! I was in heaven, finally someone who understood me! I did not let on to that too quickly though … I took some time to make sure I could trust this new home. After a couple of days I could hold off no longer and showered my foster mommy with Eskie kisses and snuggled up on pillow in her bed at night!

Soon I was off to the vet for my spay surgery and as far as I was concerned life could not be better.  Julia  When I woke up I heard them talking about tumors they found during the surgery. LOTS of tumors! The vet took out as many as he could but he just could not get them all. They turned out to be benign which I understand is a good thing.

It has been a few weeks and my foster mom keeps feeling my tummy and saying the tumors are growing and we will have to schedule me for another surgery.

My care is expensive and the additional surgery will be close to $800. Would you sponsor me to help pay for it? My name is Julia and I am so grateful to ERU for saving my life.

UPDATE: Julia’s angel sponsor paid for her additional surgeries and she has been adopted and will not have to steal food, run from other dogs or be in pain again!
Last Updated: 6/18/2021 12:58 PM
Thank you for helping ERU save Julia and More Like Her!!!