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Rainbow Bridge
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Celebrate My Life
by Karon Stewart, ERU

How do I tell you, where do I start?
These feelings inside me, deep in my heart.
I thought I had lost love, then you came along;
Everything was better...nothing could go wrong.

The feelings of tenderness I hadn't known before;
You wanted to keep me, but God wanted me more.
I look to your eyes, the ones that are kind
To tell you it's okay, I know it's my time.

For with your love, I was so blessed;
So celebrate my life, don't dwell upon my death.
Until we meet at the Bridge -- Oh, please don't cry.
It's just for now, my friend, that I must say goodbye.


Piper came to me 5 years ago, a shy, timid, little girl who had lost her puppyhood and youth to a backyard breeder. She was afraid of cars, people, sudden noises and loud voices. But she was the most loyal, sweetest adorable little cuddler who never left my side. Eventually she came out of her shell. She took a “tricks and skills” class and she learned how to fetch and jump through a hoop; she had to be taught to “find” food on the kitchen floor. I enrolled her in the K-9 Compassion course and she might have passed but she failed the “sudden loud noise” test. But that was OK…she loved her evening walks with me and the neighbors and the neighbor’s dogs. Everyone loved her. About one and a half years ago after her left leg seemed to be dragging, a veterinary visit preliminary diagnosed her with degenerative spinal deformity. The next 18 months were spent with various treatments, pills, vet visits, and massage therapy, but it was inevitable that this cruel fate would overtake her. She lost her ability to use her back legs and eventually her entire lower body was paralyzed. But she tried, so so hard, to be normal. She had to be picked up to be moved anywhere and then….. it was time to make the decision…….Rest in peace, you precious little sweetheart; you can run and jump and play now like all the other little doggies. I love you so much, wait for me, Mom

Taffy, our beloved Eskie and friend, made the journey over the rainbow bridge Saturday, December 3rd, 2011. He lived a long life and left us just before his 16th birthday. He was always a sweet, happy Eskie who liked everyone he met. The past year was a difficult one for all of us as Taffy's health degenerated. No matter how tired, sick, or in pain he was, he always made the best of every situation and continued fighting until the very end. He had a strong heart and a drive to continue living on this earth with the foster family turned adopters he loved so much and who loved him just as much in return. We are blessed to have shared his life for the last 3 years and will miss his joyful presence and his smile. He has left us with the fondest of memories and the best advice – a positive attitude is your best defense in the face of adversity. We miss you, Taffy, and will forever cherish our memories of you. We love you so much.

Milhuff came into our lives from ERU right after our 16 year old Eskie crossed the bridge. Milhuff changed our lives forever. While the predecessor was a conservative Eskie, Milhuff was a bold, outgoing social butterfly. The predecessor taught Max our Great Pyrenees puppy to be an Eskie. Milhuff came into our life when Max was age 2 & refined his time management training. Milhuff transformed the who cares about a schedule Pyr, to one that now knows every 3 hours has a purpose. Although you were only with us for 3 years the entire household, human & canine, has your built in internal clock as a legacy. We all know what activities must occur at what time & the schedule shall never slip by more than 15 minutes. You never met a person or dog you didn’t like. The possible exception was dogs that were not good canine citizens. Granted you were a bit scrappy when it came to misbehaving dogs. Your predecessor was bullied by Grandmothers small dog. We attribute her quick transformation into a polite dog to your well placed advice to clean up her act. You were overjoyed when someone came up & cradled your head in their hands, while you beamed like a Cheshire cat. If they didn’t cradle your head, you positioned yourself in front of them, looked in their face with that Eskie smile & they couldn’t resist. You became known as the “retail store greeter” by all humans who met you. You crashed the neighbor’s back yard parties just to socialize. Your approach was Hi, I’m Milhuff, talk to me. You performed many duties around the house that you didn’t realize. You kept the cool air out in the winter by being a living door snake. The sign on the back door indicating “Eskie sleeping-open slowly” will never come down. I’m sorry you were afraid of thunderstorms; your weather prediction however was equal to or better than the weather bureau. When you positioned yourself under the end table an hour before a storm, we knew it would thunder. While we may not have been punctional about our mealtime, you on the other hand, knew instinctively that your breakfast was at 8 am, dinner was at 4 pm & it better not be late. We also thank you for guarding our food so no one steals it. We suspect that was because you were a foodie, just waiting for an opportunity. You served as therapist for other family members when their spirits were low. You brought a smile to their face & they temporarily forgot their troubles. You were a joy to walk, never straying from our side without glancing for permission. A great van passenger on rides. An exceptional supervisor while we did yard work. Sometimes you just watched the birds & squirrels & enjoyed the fresh air, that is if it was between 40 & 75 degrees. The 3 season porch was your refuge in cold & hot weather with you enjoying Max’s bed more than he. Sometimes you were just a screwball making us all laugh. We will all miss you & wish we could have had more time to enjoy your unconditional love. Milhuff was an example of what an Eskie can be when they have had kindness & love their entire life. We will never forget you.

Boo Boo Buddy Brookman
August 27, 2010 I lost my senior boy. He was an ERU foster that I had for a couple years before officially adopting him. He was put in a shelter at the age of 12 when his family decided to move into an apartment that would not take dogs over 25lbs. If ERU had not pulled him he would never have lived this long due to his grumpy attitude. He lived to be 17 years old. He had Kidney failure, cushings disease, Arthritis, spinal issues and had a spinal stroke which paralyzed his back end. He was a good boy. I always called him my soldier boy. Whenever outside he would pace the fence line protecting his family. He would never sit, lay or roll around in the grass like his brothers and sisters did. He was determined to be the best little protector there was and he was good at it. He will be missed terribly by his mommy, daddy, and his siblings, Hailee, Faith, Alfie and Little Girl. He will forever be in our hearts and thought of everyday. He is at peace and with his grandparents guarding and protecting them. Rest in peace my little man till we meet again. I love you.

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